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Straw bale building is a great way for everyone to be involved with low energy building for the future. With guidance, anyone can stack straw bales and coat them in a natural plaster such as clay or lime. Of course, there is a lot more to any building project than that, but everyone can participate at this level. Everyone can feel part of a building solution that will help to combat climate change and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.


Although straw bale buildings are fantastic in this practical way, they are also strong, durable and thermally efficient with the added bonus that they are also great to look at and very special places to be in!

This website is a free resource for those wanting to know more about straw bale building. We share all we have learned in the building of our own straw bale cottages and provide lots of links to further reading and research.

If you need help with the design or construction of your straw bale building, then we recommend that you contact Sam Atkinson LLP.


Straw bale buildings have a very important role in a low carbon future... (click to read more)


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Our Straw Cabin

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straw bale cabinstraw bale cabinstraw bale cabin

First image above of our Straw Cabin courtesy of Graham Crossland.


Our Straw Cottage

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straw bale cottagestraw bale cottagestraw bale cottage